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#41 - History & Source

According to Morgan Delancey's Dave Matthews Band Step into the Light, Dave reveals that this song was written around the time that he was undergoing a messy split over money with his mentor, Ross Hoffman. Dave says that during that time, "I was thinking about where I come from, and why I wrote songs and what was my inspiration. And how I was now in this situation where those things that I'd done, I so loved, had now suddenly become a source of incredible pain for me." He explains, "Suddenly there's all this money and people pulling, asking 'Where's mine?' The innocence of just wanting to make music was kinda overshadowed by the dark things that come along with money and success." He then sums it up up saying, "So it's a song about looking back but at the same time, a song that's still adamantly looking forward and thinking, 'I'm still going to carry on, regardless.'"

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