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Be By Me Then (#27)

If you know me, it's no shock that I'm a big lover of the music and community found in DMB. Of the countless songs they've created over the years this one has always held the title of my favorite.

Before I got the mental and emotional health help that I so desperately (but didn't know it then) needed, this song reminded me that it's OK to be in a state of conflict. It's ok to be sick of sound and sick of silence. It's OK to be sick of war and sick of peace. It's OK to be sick of the darkness until you're sick with the light.

As long as you were on your road "home." - whatever that may be for any particular person. For the past 6 years and for decades to come my home is wherever Lacey Barrett is. It was this road "home" that kept me sane in an insane mind. It reminded me that it was OK to feel in over your head with conflict as long as I kept going home.

So I'll share the most intimate lyric of the song to reflect on it's impact in my life:

"So I will live as I see fit There will be those who will not like it But in the arms of a woman, I found my way home So to the arms of a woman, I will always go And if I'm old 'til this oldness has me dying I hope you'll be by me then" -Dave Matthews, 27


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