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DMB Raleigh 2004

Name:[Bryan Harrell]

Twitter Handle: [@BryanHarrell]

Current Favorite DMB Song: [Sugar Will 7-2-04 SPAC]

Current Favorite DMB Lyric: [ Sugar Will 7-2-04}

So I convinced myself

You were out to get me and

It didn't make being with you easier

No, not a little bit baby

Oh I'd like to wrap my fingers

Around your sweet little neck love

And oh you got me turned devil you knew]

Song(s) referenced in your post: [the Stone, #41, Everyday, Hello Again, Crazy Easy, Joy Ride, Too Much, Good Good Time, Tripping Billie's.

[This was my 3rd straight on a 3 show run in the south (VA beach & Charlotte). What better way to spend a Monday night then in Raleigh North Carolina. The band was firing on all cylinders as they made there 13th stop at Walnut Creek Amphitheater. In what used to be a regular stop on every tour, the band has chosen not to visit here since 2009. The evenings performance would see a pretty straight forward set-list. An opener of The Stone, a tour debut of #41 into a moving Everyday outro right into Hello Again. Crazy Easy, Joy Ride & and energetic Too Much. However tonight's show was won in the encore, nothing could have fit the bill any better then the band re-taking the stage and the grooving into the opening licks to Good Good Time, you just felt that something had been missing all night long.

This performance of GGT delivered big and filled the void. It was one of only 3 GGT's that appeared as an encore during the 04 campaign. The 2004 tour would only see the song come up twice more and then it has been pretty much been gone forever. Nothing will ever capture the essence, newness , crispness, originality, lyrics, genius of the 2004 Good Good Times. The song is truly has it's own section carved out in the DMB hall of fame along with the rest of the brilliance on the 04 new song lyrics/poetry night after night of Crazy Easy, Sugar Will, Joy Ride.

Tripping Billies closed the show and in my mind synonymous with the energy that the band has always brought to rocking Walnut Creek Amphitheater over the years, DMB Raleigh shows always hold a special nostalgic place in my heart as being an ECU Pirate brought me to the venue for many of late 90 DMB shows. A Good Good Time" combined with southern down home jamming ,encores that include Boyd "shred fests" on the fiddle, eating, drinking, & being merry.

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