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DMB Oklahoma City 2003

Name:Bryan Harrell

Twitter Handle: @BryanHarrell

Current Favorite DMB Song: Seek Up

Current Favorite DMB Lyric: "Intoxicate moving wine to tears and drinking it deeply"

Song(s) referenced in your post: Pig, One Sweet World, Grey ST, Minarets, Typical Situation, Watchtower, Cry Freedom, What You Are.

People go to shows for different reasons, you can pull from so many in the arsenal on what ignites you, why you feel the connection or what sort of stamp it will leave on your heart and soul. One cant help being moved after driving into Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the first time, the speckle of a skyline that grows on the edge of the dust bowl smack dab in the middle of America. One cant forget what occurred at the Alfred P Murrah building on the morning of April 19 1995, one one the most horrific acts on American soil. I have never been to Oklahoma City before and not sure if I will ever make it back. I can honestly say when I visited in 2003 it still grossly ached from the tragedy 8 years ago, I was brought to tears as I walked through the memorial and thought about all of my loved ones and how it could have been any of us on that fateful day.

This was again DMB's very rare stops in thunder town over the years and one would have to imagine that the past was instilled in the the bands mind prior to stepping on the stage. That mantra was carried and properly conveyed into the nights performance as an early set PIG only solidified and brought to surface the emotions of the day, time and place. Pig morphed into One Sweet World maybe a reminder of what we have each awakening, A Grey St, Minarets, Typical, Watchtower closed a great gorgeous and inspirational set. A Cry Freedom> What You Are only broadcast the bands message even further. 7-13-03 (Little Rock) & 7-15-03 easily rank in the more special shows that I have attended. Each show takes on its on personality and feel, and each of these shows represent why one would go to the lengths of the universe to be part of the magic

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