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Always a Fan


Twitter Handle @onegraphRita

Current Favorite DMB Song Today it's "Angel."

Current Favorite DMB Lyric "I love you oh so well like a kid loves candy and fresh snow"

Song In Reference Granny

Submission Entry Always a Fan

A little bit of Dave speak and a little bit of aw me. “Hello, how are you doing today? Hope I find you feeling healthy” and happy. “I'm so glad our paths crossed this time today, on your way” to reading this. You get it.

The Dave Matthews Band puts me in a state of mind that brings normalcy to my life. As I like many other bands and musicians, I find myself uplifted and more inspired when I hear their music anywhere I am.

The music penetrates my world with glorious emotions of life and mortality, right and wrong, politics and sex. Humanity and world greed that ruins everyone’s right to just be, quality of life and our precious planet. Some of the masterpieces hit me in the heart with tender notes of pain and remind me often to change what I don’t like and understand that I don’t know the pain and strife of other faces with familiar personal atrocities.

Where I listen doesn’t matter. Home, car, or at a show. My personal burdens are lifted, even for just a moment. At a concert the energy is magnetic, and it resonates on everyone, in every direction. We are all there for the same thing, to hear magic and be a part of the anticipated event. Many people gathered without malice produce exciting memories for life. The euphoria of fans is a mind-blowing spectacle. I became hooked.

Hooked enough that I don’t care who sees me dance or hears me sing. I am part of that energy. I am old. You are young. Together we are having joyous fun.

Like ants we march to listen to these talented musicians for reasons all our own. Yet we connect and believe in the positivity of this band as a universal group. We understand that the uniqueness of this planet is molded by every form of diversity under the sun. That’s a part of what makes you and me so special as DMB fans.

Why would I ever want to get out of this place? ~ Rita

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